Rhino Solid Shank – .375″ – 235gr – Bullet test

The first .375″ bullet test for our homepage! The Rhino Solid Shank!

Rhino bullets are designed in South Africa. They wanted to design a “no-nonsense bullet” which would be suited to the harsh African conditions. By the manufacturer, the Rhino Bullets have been designed and constructed to stand up to anything you throw at them, and yet retain the accuracy required by a benchrest shooter. More information about the Rhino bullets, you can found on their homapage: https://rhinobullets.co.za

We want to thank you the P&H EsVo Group Oy for possibility to test the Rhino bullets in our Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab. You can found Rhino bullets on their online shop at https://www.esvo.fi

But to the results!

Rhino Solid Shank .375" 235gr

Rhino Solid Shank .375″ 235gr bullet.


Testing was made by reloading the bullets to the .375 H & H Magnum cartridges. We measured the impact velocities ca. 5m from the muzzle. Harder impact velocity was 845m/s (2772fps) and the lower impact velocity was 719m/s (2359fps).

If the velocity at the muzzle is 845m/s (2772fps), the lower impact velocity of 719m/s (2359fps) simulates the impact at the distance of 162 meters (177 yards).


Rhino Solid Shank is specifically designed for hunting. It has a copper jacket with lead core. The lead is bonded to the copper jacket and the bottom half of the bullet is solid copper. It is designed to form four mushroom petals that produce a large but controlled wound channel.

On our tests the bullets performed exellent on both speeds. Retained weights were very good and the width of the mushroomed bullets were exellent. The bullet with the harder impact formed over 2,5x to the width of the caliber, and the bullet with lighter impact also formed almost to 2,5x width.


The great expansion of the bullets can also be seen on the little shorter penetration. Test targets were wet newspapers. The bullet with impact speed of 845m/s (2772fps) penetrated 43cm (16,9″) of wet newspapers, and the bullet with impact speed of 719m/s (2359fps) penetrated 36cm (14,2″).

The wound channels can be seen below. The harder impact of faster bullet can easily be seen from the cavitation.


The bullet that I would gladly use at the moose hunting in Finland. Little shorter penetration is desired feature when hunting moose with the dogs. When the bullet does not exit from the moose after the hit, there are always less threats to dogs to get the hits.

This Rhino Solid Shank bullet has really good capabilities to form to a really wide mushroom and with the 375H&H you can push it to really high speeds. I believe, you can definetely see the effect when this bullet hits to the moose!

Sincerely yours – The Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab

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