Federal Edge TLR – .308″ – 175gr – Bullet test


  • Bullet : Federal Edge TLR 175gr (11,34g)
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1) : 0.536
  • Lenght (measured) : 1,457″ / 37,00mm
  • Weight (measured) : 175,46gr (11,37g)
  • Material :Jacketed Lead
  • Part # : PB308ETLR1
  • Manufacturer : Federal Premium Ammunition, USA


Tested by reloading bullets to .308″ Winchester. If muzzle velocity is 2625 fps – 800 m/s, the slower velocity of 2001 fps – 610 m/s simulates the impact at the distance of 403 yards – 369 meters.

2625 fps – 800 m/s0,66″ – 16,76mm167,88gr – 95,7%
2001 fps – 610 m/s0,87″ – 22,10mm173,30gr – 98,8%


Test targets were the wet newspapers.

2625 fps – 800 m/s19,69″ – 50cm
2001 fps – 610 m/s18,50″ – 47cm


Bonded lead bullet with good ballistic coefficient. Made for “all-range” hunting.

We have seen other tests, where this bullet is tested even slower impact velocities than what we have on this test. This really is a true long range bullet, what comes to expanding on low velocities. But it is remarkable, that even it has a good long range expanding capabilities, it also works really good with the higher impact velocities! Over 95% retained weight with the impact velocity of 2625 fps – 800 m/s is really good for the “long range” lead bullet!

Bullet expanded quite good with our higher impact speed, but the retained weight still remained good, so we believe you can reload this bullet to even higher velocities without the fear of breakdown. Will work beautifully also on calibers like: 30-06 Springfield, 300wsm and 300 Winchester Magnum.

Really good lead bullet choice, if your shooting distances can variate greatly during your hunting day.

We want to thank you the R-Optic Oy for possibility to test this Federal Edge TLR -bullet in our Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab. You can found these and many more bullets on their online shop at www.r-optic.fi

Sincerely yours – The Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab