Barnes TTSX – .308″ – 130gr – Bullet test


  • Bullet : Barnes TTSX 130gr (8,42g)
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1) : 0.350
  • Lenght (measured) : 1,172″ / 29,77mm
  • Weight (measured) : 130,16gr (8,43g)
  • Material : Copper
  • Part # : 30364
  • Manufacturer : Barnes Bullets, LLC, USA


Tested by reloading bullets to .308″ Winchester. If muzzle velocity is 3068 fps – 935 m/s, the slower velocity of 2477 fps – 755 m/s simulates the impact at the distance of 224 yards – 205 meters.

3068 fps – 935 m/s0,62″ – 15,72mm129,44gr – 99,4%
2477 fps – 755 m/s0,54″ – 13,75mm129,18gr – 99,2%


Test targets were the wet newspapers.

3068 fps – 935 m/s17,72″ – 45cm
2477 fps – 755 m/s21,65″ – 55cm


Light 30cal bullet, that is made for high velocity impacts!

Every now and then you see light 30cal bullets that are made for small 30cal cartridges and for their slow impact velocities. Usually those kind of bullets cannot handle the higher velocity impacts, without breaking up. Barnes Tipped-TSX .308″ 130gr bullets are not like those!

If you have a 308win or 30-06 Springfield rifle and you want to achieve really high velocities with the non-lead hunting bullet, for example to establish the shorter leads for the shooting, at the fast situations of the driven hunting. This bullet might be a really good choice for that!

This small 130 grain bullet handled the higher velocity impact (3068 fps – 935 m/s) without losing a single petal, but it still opened nicely with the lower (2477 fps – 755 m/s) velocity! With the higher impact velocity, the bullet opened almost to the end of the expansion chamber and it might be able handle even little higher impact velocity than what we had on this test. The overall lenght of the expanded bullet is reasonable short compared to the width, which will give the good directional stability for the bullet during the penetration.

A great bullet choice for example to a white-tailed deer driven hunting or a hunting where you need that extra punch to drop your target down with the high velocity impact.

Easy to recommend!

Sincerely yours – The Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab

Barnes – .375″ – 270gr TSX – Bullet test

Barnes Bullets is a copper bullet manufacturer from USA and is one of the biggest and oldest copper bullet manufacturers. Their history starts from the year 1932. You can found their homepage here:

We want to give our thanks to our reader who sent these .375″ Barnes TSX 270gr bullets for us to test  in our Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab. 

But to the results!

Barnes – .375″ – 270gr TSX ( Triple-Shock X ) bullet results!


Testing was made by reloading the bullets to the 375 H&H Magnum cartridges. We measured the impact velocities ca. 5 meters from the muzzle. Harder impact velocity was 766m/s (2513fps) and the lower impact velocity was 619m/s (2031fps).

The ballistic coefficient of this bullet is 0,326 (G1). So If the velocity at the muzzle is 766m/s (2513fps), the lower impact velocity of 619m/s (2031fps) simulates the impact at the distance of 172 meters (188 yards).


The Barnes TSX bullet was introduced in 2003 and they say it has become their most popular hunting bullet. Like they say on their homepage:

“Barnes’ TSX Bullet Features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, rapid expansion, 28% deeper penetration than lead-core bullets, and maximum weight retention.”

“Barnes TSX, TTSX, and LRX share the same all-copper design resulting in virtually 100% weight retention. Four razor-sharp cutting petals expand to double the bullet’s original diameter to create a very long and wide wound channel. The TTSX differs from the TSX in that it features a re-engineered nose cavity that accommodates a polymer tip. The LRX also features a polymer tip along with a longer nose profile and a boattail design that delivers match grade accuracy at long range with an incredibly high B.C. without sacrificing terminal performance.”

At the higher velocity of 766m/s (2513fps) the expansion of the bullet was good. The bullet doubled (2,1x) its width, as the manufacturer advertices. The bullet expanded to the very end of the expansion chamber. It is possible, that this bullet can handle more velocity without breakdown, or not. By reloading you can push it even higher velocities and adjust desired impact velocity for example to the 50 meters.

Also at the slower velocity of 619m/s (2031fps) the expansion of the bullet was at the OK level (1,68x), considering that we are talking about the big-game rifle cartridge and bullet, and the impact at the 172 meters (188 yards).

Retained weights of the both bullets was almost 100% and of course at the excellent level.


Test targets were the wet newspapers. The bullet with impact velocity of 766m/s (2513fps) penetrated 76cm (29,9″) of wet newspapers, and the bullet with impact velocity of 619m/s (2031fps) penetrated 74cm (29,1″). The amounts of penetrations was exellent. 

The wound channels can be seen below. Lower impact velocity and lesser mushrooming of the bullet, can clearly be seen from the cavitation.


Really good bullet choice to .375 H & H Magnum for the big-game hunting. You can expect good working at the wide velocity range and with exellent penetration. Quality big game bullet from the biggest copper bullet manufacturer.

Sincerely yours – The Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab