Sako Powerhead Blade – .366″ – 230gr – Bullet test


  • Bullet : Sako Powerhead Blade 230gr (14,90g)
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1) : 0.340
  • Lenght (measured) : 1,420″ / 36,07mm
  • Weight (measured) : 230,46gr (14,93g)
  • Material : Copper
  • Part # : 613D
  • Manufacturer : Sako LTD, Finland


Test gun was a Blaser R8 rifle with the 480mm – 18,9″ barrel. Faster velocity was measured ca. 5 meters from the muzzle, by using the Sako 9,3×62 factory cartridges. The slower velocity was achieved by reloading. If muzzle velocity is 2533 fps – 772 m/s, the slower velocity of 2119 fps – 646 m/s simulates the impact at the distance of 169 yards – 154 meters.

2533 fps – 772 m/s0,76″ – 19,37mm229,12gr – 99,4%
2119 fps – 646 m/s0,65″ – 16,56mm229,08gr – 99,4%


Test targets were the wet newspapers.

2533 fps – 772 m/s18,11″ – 46cm
2119 fps – 646 m/s22,83″ – 58cm


We had luck to shoot three mooses with the new Sako Powerhead Blade 230gr 9,3×62 factory cartridges during the hunting season 2020. Two moose calfs and one young bull. All mooses were running with quite good speed, when shot. In every three case, the bullets penetrated the whole moose, so no expanded bullets to show. In the real life test, the gun was same Blaser R8 with the 480mm – 18,9″ barrel as on the controlled tests above.

Shooting distance for the first calf was 20 meters and for the second 30-35 meters. Both calfs ran circa 20-25 meters after the lung shots, before felling permanently to the ground.

Some photos of the calf carcasses on the below. On the first photo, the bullet penetrated both sides of the calf, without breaking the ribs. Liver and lungs also took the hit.

First calf – Entrance and the exit wound.

On the second calf, the bullet penetrated the left side with breaking the rib and then went through the lungs and the front part of the right shoulder, without hitting to the bones. This can be seen on the photos below.

Second calf – Entrance.
Second calf – exit wound.

There is no photos of the last young bull. But the shooting distance was 45-50 meters and the moose was running fast! Bullet penetrated the right side and went through the heart and then trough the left shoulder without hitting to the bones. Moose ran about 20 meters after the hit, before fell permanently to the ground.

In all three cases, the runs after the hits was quite short. All carcasses was also very clean as the photos above shows, and there was no need to clean blood from the muscle membranes. Entrance and exit holes of the bullets on the carcasses was good in size and clearly shows that the Sako Powerhead Blade bullets opened immediatedly after hit.


Premium copper bullet for different medium and big game hunting situations.

The expanding style of the bullet is samekind as on the .30cal Sako Powerhead Blade bullets. The bullet opens fast after the impact and over doubles it’s width. When bullet expands near to the maximum, the overall lenght of the expanded bullet is reasonable short compared to the width, which will give the good directional stability for the bullet during the penetration.

The stopping power of the new Blade bullet is really good. Like we mentioned above, the mooses didn’t ran much after the impacts. Even if the killing power is good, the carcasses was pretty clean and there was no excessive amounts of blood between the muscle membranes.

It can be seen, that this bullet can take even more beating, than what our testing velocities gave to it. The impact velocity of 800m/s – 2624fps will not be the problem, so you can reload it with even greater velocities. It must be noted, that the factory cartridges gave pretty good velocities even if our test rifle had a quite short 480mm – 18,9″ barrel!

This bullet should be in the stores in 2021 for reloading purposes, and it will be a tough competitor for many bullets! Factory cartridges for 9,3×62 is already available!

Big thumbs up for this!

Sincerely yours – The Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab

.308″ hunting bullet test day! – Barnes, Hornady, Lapua, Norma, Sako & Red Moose

Hello bullet enthusiasts!

Last month we participated the copper bullet testing day together with the and Riista-magazine.

The caliber used was the 308win and bullets we shot to ballistic gelatine were :

  • Barnes Tipped-TSX 168gr / 10,9g
  • Hornady GMX 150gr / 9,72g
  • Lapua Naturalis 170gr / 11g
  • Norma Ecostrike 150gr / 9,7g
  • Sako Powerhead Blade 162gr / 10,5g
  • Red Moose Tarvas 165gr / 10,7g

We simulated the 50m, 100m and 200m impact distances and recorded a slow motion video from every impact at ballistic gelatine!

Results has been reported in Finnish, but all the slow motion videos and bullet datas you can find here –>

Sincerely yours – The Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab

Sako Powerhead Blade 162gr – 308win Factory cartridge – Bullet test

The launch of our homepage! The Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab. This page will be full of rifle bullet tests in the future! We want to welcome you to our page with the article of a really interesting product. Sako Oy’s brand new lead-free hunting bullet! The Sako Powerhead Blade!

At saturday we had a “Sako Shooting Day” at the Hard-Hitting Shooting Lab! Maybe we did a first ever Sako Powerhead Blade bullet test? In the Finland? In the world?

Before we go to the test results, we want to give our big thanks to Sako Oy, who handed these brand new Sako cartridges for us to test! Really great gesture for the enthusiasts, because there are a lot of people who are interested how this new lead-free hunting bullet will perform. It also shows their trust towards their own products when they give it to us to test!

I would like to say that it was really courageous act from them!

Sako Powerhead Blade cartridge box  308win

But, to the results!

Ladies & Gentleman! The Sako Powerhead Blade, 308win, with the 162gr bullet!

  • The factory load! The first time ever I see a lead-free hunting bullet to open over 18mm width in 308win! The bullet opened all-the-way to the bottom of the expansion cavity with the impact speed of 792m/s. I would say, that this Sako Powerhead Blade 162gr bullet is optimized for the velocities of the 308win! Velocity of this factory cartridge is spot on for this bullet and that is great thing when thinking about the future users of this cartridge. Notice that the 30-06spr and 300wm cartridges they released together with this 308win version, have a different bullet, which probably is developed for the higher velocities!
  • The reloading of the new bullet! I probably would not add much more velocity for this new Powerhead Blade 162gr bullet, because I think it is not planned for the higher velocities than the factory cartridge has. Of course, you seldom have a possibility to shoot a moose with your barrel touching the side of it, so you can adjust your desired impact speed for the specific distance by reloading.
  • The specification of the cartridge promises the velocity of the bullet to be an 815m/s at the muzzle. We shot these tests with the Tikka T3x Tactical which have a 600mm barrel and the velocities were as promised. If the bullet leaves the barrel with the velocity of 815m/s the flying velocity of the bullet is about 646m/s at the distance of 225 meters. Expansion of the bullet at that distance is also very good.
  • Test targets were wetted newspapers. The bullet with impact speed of 792m/s penetrated 46cm of wet newspapers and the bullet with impact speed of 646m/s penetrated 58cm. Considering the very good expansion of the bullet, these penetrations are also very good.
  • The wound cavity. Sako has told on their marketing material, that they have developed this bullet to open fast and really reliable. That is also the reason, why they used a pure copper instead of a gilding or copper alloys on this bullet. The fast opening could also be seen on our test. The wound cavity and the bullet opened really fast and it was easy to see immediately after shot on the external surface of the newspaper pile. The cavity opened really quick from the surface to the width of 5cm. Then widening fast to 10cm width and even from there to 14cm width. After that the cavity started to reduce.
  • Summa summarum. This is a lead-free hunting cartridge loaded with a bullet, that is made for this cartridge. You can expect really good performance!

Thrilled? – Yes, we are! Cannot wait the other Sako Blade bullets & cartridges to hit the shelves!

Sako Blade Bullet